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Opportunities and uncertainties

Behind every technological innovation, software application, data usage scenario, business model there is a business need for efficiency, innovation and adaptation. Software developers, product manufacturers, service providers, customers and users and a complex outsourcing chain operate and interplay in this system.

The underlying data-driven technologies are diverse and constantly evolving (Cloud, Big Data, IoT, mobile applications, wearables, biometric technology, localisation services, AI, etc.), but the business needs remain the same. Within this system, there are legal frameworks that define the rules of the game (GDPR, Data Act, Data Governance Act, Artificial Intelligence Act); sophisticated contracts that secure the position of each player; internal programmes that enable organisations to meet legal compliance requirements and expectations of customers and regulators; governance models that assign internal roles and responsibilities; and common impact assessment tools that manage all types of risk.


It is an extremely complex and ever-changing system.


Some of the laws at the heart of the system are still not applicable (Data Act), others have yet to be formally adopted ( AI Act), but all are set to have a profound impact on business, society, and all of us.

A new scenario of endless possibilities and uncertainty lies ahead, one that companies urgently need to anticipate and be prepared for.

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